Smart Account Training

Introduction to Smart Accounts
This video covers an overview of Smart Account including the different types of Smart Account and its benefits. It also provides a quick demo of the Smart Account UI navigation on

Introduction to Smart Licensing
This video covers an overview of Cisco Smart Licensing including the difference between traditional and Smart Licenses, the benefits and how to access and manage these Smart Licenses on

How to Manage Smart Licensing Video
This video covers a high-level overview of how to manage Smart Licenses in Cisco Software Central.

Create a Virtual Account
This video covers an overview of Virtual Account including the benefits of Virtual Account, best practices and a demo on how to create a Virtual Account.

Virtual Account Tagging (Tutorial)
Discover how to group Virtual Accounts with Virtual Account Tagging to save time and organize your Smart Account.

Virtual Account Tagging (Best Practice)

  1. Add flexibility when configuring Virtual Account Tags.
  2. Base your tags on your Virtual Account structure.
  3. Be specific, but not TOO specific.

Add New Users to a Smart Account
How to add a New Users to a Smart Account: Quick Reference Guide.

Smart Account Roles Overview
A description of Smart Account Roles and assignment

Smart Account User Groups (Introduction)
A fast and easy way to manage multiple users in Smart Accounts. Simply create the user group, add users then define the level of access.

User Groups (Type Down Search)
Quickly find Users, Smart Accounts, Virtual Accounts without spending time scrolling.

Introduction to Cisco SSM On-Prem
This video covers an overview of the Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM) On-Prem including how it works, the benefits, the portals to manage and the different deployment modes.

SSM On Prem Overview
Overview of the Cisco Smart Software Manager

SSM Product Registration
Product configuration, registration, license consumption and compliance states.

SSM On Prem Install
Video demonstrating how to install a Cisco SSM On-Prem server

SSM On Prem Setup
Video demonstrating how to Setup and Register your Cisco SSM On-Prem license server

GEMSS – New Cisco Agreement Training (Follow on to Cisco JELA)-20211209 Video
Video recording of GEMSS training delivered by FCN and Cisco