Cisco Smart Account Guide

Cisco Smart Accounts offer a simple-to-use, centralized and organized solution to license management. Serving as a central repository, Smart Accounts give full visibility into your Cisco software assets across the Marine Corps.

You can view, store, manage and move Cisco software assets to where they are needed, when they are needed. Smart Accounts allow organization of licenses into Virtual Accounts where Major and Subordinate Commands can track their software assets and grant or remove access to users with the click of a button.

When your Smart Account is combined with Smart Licensing, you get real-time, enterprise or command-wide visibility into your license utilization, providing insights to inform purchase decisions, lower operational costs and ensure compliance.

This allows your operations to continue without delay or downtime and can help reduce unneeded license purchases. Comprehensively, a Cisco Smart Account gives you access to your software licenses, hardware and subscriptions.


When Smart Accounts are combined with Smart Licenses, you can:

  • Gain real-time visibility into all of your Cisco software licenses, entitlements and users across your organization.
  • Get centralized management to view all of your license entitlements and move licenses freely through the network as needed.
  • Drive down the cost of license management with reduced overhead, better utilization management and more efficient planning.
  • Organize your licenses by department, product, geography or other designation — whatever makes the most sense for your organization — with Virtual Accounts.

Keep Command / Organization owned licenses organized with Virtual Accounts

After gaining access to the Smart Account, you will have access to your Command (and as necessary sub-commands) software assets with the flexibility to create more sub-accounts (called Virtual Accounts) to organize and manage your users and licenses by sub-command, organizational department, geography or other designation — whatever makes the most sense for your organization.

Licenses can be pooled within Virtual Accounts as needed. Smart Accounts have role-based user access controls, which allow the delegation of authority to account administrators at the Smart Account level or at the Virtual Account level. In addition, you can manage partner visibility and management rights to your virtual or enterprise-level accounts.

Maintain control of your Smart Account by assigning user roles 

  • Smart Account approvers can edit Smart Account properties, view all users, accept agreements, and view event logs. Approvers cannot manage licenses.
  • Smart Account administrators can edit Smart Account properties, add and edit users and Virtual Accounts, accept agreements, view event logs, and manage licenses for the entire Smart Account.
  • Smart Account users can access all Virtual Accounts and perform licensing activities but cannot create new Virtual Accounts or manage users.
  • Virtual Account administrators can add and edit users to assigned Virtual Accounts, view event logs for assigned Virtual Accounts, view account agreements, and manage licenses for the assigned Virtual Accounts.
  • Virtual Account users can manage licensing for Virtual Accounts they are assigned to, but they cannot add new users.

Next Steps

To access software licenses, customers must associate their account with the “” smart account. Customers can gain access to the correct smart account by either of the following:

  1. Contact and provide
    • ID (CCO ID)
    • Unit
    • Access Requirements
  2. Submit a request through using the “Existing Account” request link.